Lūšu Drava to offer exquisite honey delicacies

In the stand of Riga Planning Region at Riga Food 2020, 11?12 September, the family company Lūšu Drava will offer a diverse and wide range of both beekeeping classics - various flower honey, pollen and bee bread - and various delicacies - honey with seeds, nuts, almonds, blackcurrants, quinces, sea buckthorn etc.

Although the company has long traditions, Lūšu Drava is still offering new products and every customer will find the most appropriate product. The product assortment is wide enough. Moreover, the tasteful and aesthetic design fits perfectly as a gift.

Company has also embarked on tourism activities recently, both educating people on the essential role of honey in our life and offering active recreation, e.g. disc golf.

"Lūšu Drava" is a family company from Lielvārde, which has been producing healthy, delicious and beautiful beekeeping products for more than 45 years. 

E-mail: bites@lusudrava.lv